Match Prediction
statistical gimmicks with odds - just for fun
About this non commercial and on thoughts based portal

Portal Background
Who wins the next football match with which margin? The portal "Match Prediction" can not give a satisfying answer to the question. The portal offers a small overview about the statistical opportunities of methods. The portal is without any commercial background. Therefore the choice of prediction are limited one some European football leagues. With a respective sponsor it would be possible to extend and optimise the "Match Prediction" portal. Above odds comparison the portal "Match Prediction" finds sure bets and calculates win probabilities.

Who and what is emporium-unus
Emporium-unus is a virtual office. This office was created by Holger Frister to test and demonstrate eBusiness portals.

About Holger Frister
The roots of Holger Fristers professional career are based on IT and operations counselling. He is a graduated engineer with taken courses in IT, Math. Statistical Methods, Supply Chain Management. Holger Frister worked in the sports betting and e-gambling industry in different positions on international management level since 1990. He was responsible for several teams including the IT, operations, and risk management. Outside the e-gambling industry, Holger Frister generated several IT- and consulting projects for finance and trading companies. At present he works's as consultant.

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